Not gonna lie


We’ve crafted 22 bespoke poos ready to let it rip in the metaverse. Hopefully you can snag one of these one-of-a-kind stinkers. But if you don’t, Barry Dingle will make sure you still feel all the warm and fuzzy of  2,200 turdally unique poo emoji NFTs.

Flaming Hot Poo

wen ur hot shit and you know it

Dog Poo

WOW. MUCH EXCITE. VERY FECES. SUCH NFT. =how get? *screams in comic sans*

32 Bit Poo

guess what? yr pixel perfect

Cold Storage Poo

hackers b chillin

Internet Troll Poo

rum0r haz it this poo doesn’t live under a bridge, but behind a keyboard

Galactic Poo

found in the septic tank of area 51

Liquidity Poo

we’ve got the run$ my man$

Robot Poo

beep beep boop boop poop

Zombie Poo

shit for brains? brains for shit? u know what i mean

Miss Poopular

world peace ftw

Ape Poo

o hey sup, u bored? i’m new here

Moon Poo

one small shit for man, one giant shit for mankind amirite

Rocket Poo

lfg 2 da moon

Trippy Poo

i’ll see your brain melt and raise u a butt melt

Poo Party Poo

did someone say poo party?

Crypto Whale Poo

*lowers sunglasses* is that you Sat0shi?

Genie Poo

3 wishes from #2

Mutant Green Poo

used 2 wonder why housing in chernobyl was so affordable

Unicorn Poo

welcome 2 UnIcOrN sTaTus jk u can’t sit w us

Candy Poo

NE1 else wondering why that witch ate hans and gretty when her house was fulla candy?

Quasar Poo

space n shit

Hacker Poo

blnAlarmSignal = true '// stinky p00. '// -------------------------------------------- ----------------------do '// begin infinite 00p..P00Counter = U+1F4A9 /endp00



Beyond the rare 22 bespoke poos seen above, you’ll be able to grab one of the 2,200 incredible poos with variable traits, props, and facial expressions.

Passholder exclusive

This is a Recur pass holder exclusive so grab your sh*t early and hold on tight until the drop.



what is this 💩?

emoji™ Forever is the first emoji™ digital collectible experience coming to you as NFTs. Only 2,222 unique, one-of-one poo-file pictures will be available. 22 of them will be ultra-rare hand-illustrated NFTs and the rest of the project are 1:1 generated NFTs, all inspired by web3. All you fellow 💩 heads should be ready to take web3 by storm.

how should I prepare?

Grab your wet wipes and your RECUR Pass because this one is ONLY for RECUR Pass Holders. First come, first serve. You have to be hodl-ing, your Pass has to be in your RECUR account and can’t be for sale.

when are these deuces droppin?

September 22, 2022 at 10AM PT / 1PM ET.

how much does this 💩 cost to mint?

Each poo pack will be available to purchase for $22 and will be limited to one per transaction. 👀

how can I trade this 💩 with other collectors?

There will be a dedicated marketplace for us 🐵🐵🐵 to fling our 💩. The marketplace will go live after the RECUR Pass Holder drop finishes on Then, anyone can buy or sell their 💩 or poo packs.

Want to fling your 💩 somewhere else? We’ll keep our 👃 our of your 💩. Withdraw it to another wallet and buy or sell on an external marketplace as you please.

who is RECUR?

RECUR is the premier Web3 platform offering brands, creators, and enterprises of every size the power to create innovative, multi-chain NFT Web3 experiences with ease. Building the new Web3 standard, RECUR empowers creators and enterprises with the widest range of distribution and consumers and communities with the widest range of utility. RECUR's global, flexible, and intuitive payments system allows brands to expand their audience beyond core Web3 natives while protecting their brand with institutional-grade infrastructure for maximum security, stability, and regulatory compliance. 

are NFTs eco-sustainable?

All RECUR mints begin using an eco-friendly, proof-of-stake layer-2 blockchain called Polygon. Proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchains and layer-2 scaling solutions drastically minimize the environmental impact of blockchain usage, producing a small fraction of the emissions Proof-of-work (PoW) blockchains produce. Additionally, RECUR has and continues to invest in carbon offset credits to help manage the carbon footprint from our work.

how do I solve a payment issue?

If you’re experiencing a payment issue, first ensure that your credit card is authorized to make a purchase. Sometimes, banks will block this type of transaction.If you’re experiencing an issue paying with crypto, first make sure you have the balance needed to purchase. Due to the volatile nature of some crypto assets, this can impact a payment being processed.Always check your account activity in your Wallet page to see your latest transaction status.If you’re still experiencing a problem, reach out to our Support team.

do I have to go through Know Your Customer (KYC) verification?

RECUR practices and complies with KYC, in accordance with our Terms of Service, to verify a user’s identity and to prevent fraud. Protecting our customers and the integrity of our platform is of utmost importance. KYC standards are designed to help secure consumer information, protect customers against identity theft, and protect financial institutions against fraud, corruption, money laundering, and terrorist financing.

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